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101 HR Problems- 2

"Anoop has been performing as “General Manager – Business Development” and his performance has been meeting expectations and nothing beyond. Anoop received his last promotion about four years ago and he has been putting pressure on his boss over the last one year regarding his next promotion.

Anoop’s boss meets the HR head and presents his dilemma. He doesn’t think that Anoop is fit for next level which is a ‘Vice President’ and at the same time, he wants to retain Anoop because there is no clear successor to take over from Anoop and handle clients. The apprehension is that business will be affected immediately in case Anoop gets upset and quits in protest."

One of the many possible solutions:

Let us separate facts and fears.

Facts are:

· Anoop has hit the glass ceiling and he is not seemed to be having potential perform at higher levels of responsibility.

· Anoop is expecting an elevation and no one communicated or denied to him so far.

· Business development today is dependent on Anoop and business performance will be impacted if Anoop is not around. So, there is a dependency.

· There is no successor to Anoop who can take over the BD responsibility immediately.

Fears are:

· Anoop may get upset if we deny him a promotion.

· Anoop may take impulsive decision and quit.

Given the facts and fears, there seems to be a compulsion to retain Anoop. This will help business performance in the short term. On the other hand, by promoting someone like Anoop who we think doesn’t have the capability, do we send out a wrong signal to the wider organization? There is dilemma – saving in the short term and leaving a bad decision for the long term.

This situation was my real experience; names changed to respect privacy. The purpose is to reflect on the problem and how to approach the same; I tried one solution, but I strongly believe that there are many other or even better solutions. This blog is meant to share my experience and invite your views. Together, we can learn more!

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