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In this section, I will discuss the ever-evolving perspectives on leadership and how one needs to engage in personal reflection to grow as leaders.

HR for Performance

Sustainable businesses are always built on the strength of people and their high performance. In this section I will share more insights, practices and dilemmas of driving performance.

Self Management

Managing self is always at the heart of personal effectiveness. In this section, I will share many simple practical tips of managing self including some personal experiences.



Over three decades of my work life offered me very many opportunities to learn and experience various facets of life. Whether it is my academic career as a professor, corporate career as an HR leader or consulting career as an advisor & leadership coach... I saw every one of those roles as an opportunity to help people realize their potential. 

In this pursuit, I kept learning continuously so as to stay relevant and offer my support in the best way that I can. Every time I look back at my journey so far, strings of gratitude play a beautiful tune in my heart. What others done to my growth as a person, I feel like passing on the same to many more.

This website is one such attempt to share my experiences, insights and learning with all those who are interested to join this journey of personal growth.

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